Assignment for Tuesday, June 19: Clothes and Jewels

Yo, Explorers!

Amazing job yesterday. The pictures you took infront of the Flavor Paper wallpaper are super cool; it was really great to see some of your faces. I also decided I want the surfing print in my bedroom…it would feel like being inside a giant wave!

It sounds like birds, underwater creatures, and Ray Bans are very popular. This is extremely helpful information. Thank you for being such diligent researchers. And, the stamps you made at base camp are awesome. I love the mustache motif, which actually brings us to your next assignment….

Today’s assignment will take you to very-trendy-right-now Williamsburg. Have you been? Do you know anyone who lives there?

Williamsburg has tons of delicious restaurants and a beautiful new waterfront park that hosts concerts all summer where you can get amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.

the manhattan skyline from williamsburg

But Williamsburg is also a serious Mecca for shopping. There’s a very cool mix of vintage stores and fancy boutiques, plus stores with furniture, jewelry, high-end kitchen supplies, and speciality stores for meat and cheese. It’s one of my favorite places to explore. First up, I want you to check out Bird. Bird is an amazing clothing store with styles from some of the coolest designers working today. My friend Jack is the manager there — say hi to him for me if he’s there!


Next stop: Brooklyn Charm. At Brooklyn Charm you can design your own jewelry using all the charms, beads, chains, and other supplies they have in stock, which is exactly what you’re going to do when you get there. I would start thinking now about what you want to make. And, do you think you’ll keep it for yourself or give it to somebody else?

charms at Brooklyn Charm

That’s it! Have fun and get crafty. Don’t forget to pay close attention to trends in Williamsburg right now. Look out for mustaches and lots of tattoos!

Until tomorrow…