Assignment for Monday, June 18: Delicious Design

Flavor Paper wallpaper

Explorers, for your first mission I’m sending you to Flavor Paper, a super hip wallpaper design company that makes hand-screened prints and digital designs. Customers can create their own design or pick from some of Flavor Paper’s awesome and beautiful patterns (like a graphic image of Spiderman, or a whole wall of leopard fur!).

Flavor Paper is in Carroll Gardens, so when you’re done I want you to explore Smith Street, one of the trendiest streets in the neighborhood, and, in fact, all of Brooklyn. You have got to take notes in your notebooks, because there’s going to be a lot to see. I want you to pay attention to all the stores and look for similarities between them. How are they advertising? What’s in their window displays? What seems to be really popular right now? Also, keep an eye out for people on the street. What are they wearing? Eating? Are they biking, walking, skateboarding? Don’t forget to take notes!

When you get back to base camp you’re going to use all of the data you collected to come up with designs for your own wallpaper and stationary. I think you’re going to see a lot of things that will inspire you, so this part should be easy.

Have fun! I’m looking forward to seeing your designs and hearing your take on Smith Street and Flavor Paper.

Until tomorrow…