It’s Trendsetters Week!

This week I’m working with the super incredible explorers at Jr. Explorers Club to track trends around Brooklyn and New York. Check back every day this week for cool new assignments.

What’s up, Explorers?! It’s Trendsetters week. Are you ready to get trendy?

Okay, before we get started let me tell you a little bit about myself and what I do. I’m a freelance fashion writer, which means I work for myself and move from project to project, writing about cultural happenings, clothes, and definitely trends. Twice a year I go to the fashion shows in New York City and review the new collections for, a major fashion website that has an archive of almost every fashion show from the past ten years.

Right now I’m working on two projects, one at Harper’s Bazaar and one at the Wall Street Journal Magazine. Oh, and I do some behind-the-scenes copywriting for a flash-sale site called Gilt Groupe. I also write fun articles for different magazines and websites, like one I just turned in to Ralph Lauren Magazine about Downton Abbey (one of my favorite shows — do you know anyone who watches it?).

So this week I need your help checking out some new trends and popular neighborhoods. In fashion a trend is something that lots of designers use in their collections, or something that everyone starts to wear at the same time, almost like they talked on the phone the night before and planned it. A big trend right now is wearing lots of bright colors together at the same time — like red pants with a pink shirt and yellow shoes. There’s also a sport-influenced trend, which means people are wearing things like track pants but dressing them up with a pair of heels and wearing them to the office. (Another recent trend I loved was polka dots!)

bright colors

polka dots

sporty sneakers












But trends don’t just happen in fashion. A trend is anything that’s really popular and being talked about or done by a lot of people. It can happen in food, art, politics, T.V. shows…. This week I want you to be on the lookout for what’s trendy right now. Paying attention to trends is a really great way of staying on top of what’s happening in the world.

So, take lots of notes, pay close attention, ask questions, and have fun!

I’m excited to hear what you find out.