ford models fasion: The New Wonderbra Girl

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Wonderbra’s New Face: Ford Women’s Adriana Cernanova
by Alison Baenen

Hundreds of contestants, multiple rounds of auditions, and two very important assets. Wonderbra‘s highly contested search for its campaign face hinges on many variables, but one constant is that the chosen girl is practically destined to be a supe.

The newest winner seems well suited to stardom. Slovakian stunner Adriana Cernanova landed the coveted European campaign—and a two-year contract—after a year of auditions, several callbacks, and multiple trips to Wonderbra HQ in Paris. Years of synchronized swimming in Slovakia may have primed Cernanova’s competitive instincts, but when we caught up with her in the office, the 20-year-old demurred that she’d stayed relaxed up through the final cut.

As for Wondergirls past? Earlier this year, Brits voted Eva Herzigova’s saucy 1994 Hello Boys ad as the most iconic advertising image of all time. Iconic…and perilous. In a study on the effects of billboards on drivers’ attention, MSNBC reported that one in five male drivers was more likely to veer into dangerous territory if presented with Eva’s ample cleavage on the side of the road.

Adriana, the road’s all yours.