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Buy It Now: Vintage Lingerie Tap Shorts

Photo: Billy Farrell/

To celebrate the launch of eBay’s new clotheshorse channel,, stylist and brand ambassador Annabel Tollman (pictured at the Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Collection show) hosted a cozy dinner last night at the Crosby Street Hotel. Tollman, a professed vintage addict who likes to play up client Scarlett Johansson’s curves, worked a smoky eye and her own impressive décolletage in a fitted lace sheath from the McQueen archives. “I feel a bit like Courtney Love,” she said, remembering that back in her Interview days a blind item reported seeing then editor in chief Ingrid Sischy out and about with Ms. Love. “That was me,” Tollman said sheepishly. “Still not sure if I should be offended by that one.”

In addition to tips from professional shoppers like Tollman (fellow stylists Kate Young and Britt Bardo round out the list), eBay’s new fashion channel will be rolling out suitably geeky features like new image-similarity technology and a mannequin app that lets you size and style objects in your virtual closet on a picture of you (sorry ‘Berry users, that’s iPhone only). So, what items are eBay obsessives going to be watching? “Vintage lingerie tap shorts,” Tollman said. “I want to see if I can get away with wearing them as real shorts, but suddenly everyone else is snapping them up.” Ladies, start your bidding.

—Alison Baenen