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A Shaded View on Scope

The one fault New York gallery types might have with this week’s art offerings is the sheer abundance of them. Should one put off the Biennial to better take in the Armory Show? Dodge the crowds and check out Volta or Pulse? Heed your accountant’s warnings and skip the weekend entirely? Last night at Quality Meats, A Shaded View on Fashion’s Diane Pernet made a case for none of the above. The veiled blogger was tapped to curate SCOPE Markt, a fashion-focused satellite of Scope’s larger art fair, opening tomorrow at Lincoln Center.

Pernet found wearing the curator hat—in addition, of course, to her customary black habit—quite natural. “The whole idea of blurring boundaries between fashion, art, and film is perfectly my world,” Pernet said before dinner. Hand-selected from Pernet’s wide network of artist and designer friends, Markt’s exhibitors are an international lot. Bosnian-by-way-of-Sweden designer Lamija Suljevic’s ornately embellished old-world handicrafts will be on display next to a film starring the Graces, Undercover designer Jun Takahashi’s handmade dolls. “They’re these strange-looking sci-fi figures,” Pernet explained, adding that the humble Takahashi reintroduces himself to her every year at the Comme des Garçons show. Pernet was equally humble when pressed about fashion blogging, a medium she might as well have invented. “I think I was one of the first fashion blogs,” she demurred, admitting that she loves hearing from fellow bloggers—like Susie Bubble’s Susie Lau—that she was the reason they started their blog. “I know how it works,” she said of the Web. “I, personally, like the fresh approach.”

Scope Markt opens to the public tomorrow through Monday at Lincoln Center Damrosch Park. For more information, visit

—Alison Baenen