style file, bensoni spring 2010

Designer update
Bensoni’s American History

Photo: Courtesy of Bensoni

We caught up with Bensoni designers Sonia Yoon and Benjamin Channing Clyburn at their sophomore outing today, and found ourselves in a history lesson. “We looked to iconic moments in American fashion,” Yoon explained, and indeed, there on the risers were a few friends: a bright pink “Barbie” dress (de-bubblegum-ified by the addition of military epaulets); some Mad Men working-girl fare; a seamed khaki “Girl Scout” dress; and, ooh! Grace Kelly. So, what, no late-addition Michael Jackson band jacket? “I was wondering if any designers would do a Michael Jackson tribute,” Yoon mused. “But, um, no.”

—Alison Baenen