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Soccer Fanatics

Is there anything sexier than a man playing soccer? Well, maybe, but for nine hours on Saturday at Chelsea Waterside Park, forwards, strikers, and goalies competing in Adidas’ eighth annual daylong Fanatic tournament made it hard to come up with a better answer. Twenty-four teams competed for the top prize (we were most interested in who would get the “best customized jersey” award), while fans sipped Heineken tall boys—yes, even the girls—and cheered on the players over the beats from the DJ booth. dGi Dillingers beat Bowery United in the final (1-0), and while the Opening Ceremony team took home the jersey award (no surprise there), the off-field style tended toward short sundresses, shorter shorts, a pair of laser-cut leggings, and lots of plaid. We spotted Phillip Lim, Richard Chai, and Jeremy Kost in the crowds, and a few male-model types who would have looked much cuter in soccer jerseys.

—Alison Baenen