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Isaac Mizrahi Semi-Reluctantly Unzips

How does Isaac Mizrahi feel about reliving his past with a viewing of the ultimate cult-classic fashion doc, Unzipped? “I hate it. I hate it! I think everyone should go home,” the designer declared last night at the Met, where a screening of the film in question was about to begin. Unzipped was the third and final flick in the museum’s The Model as Muse film series, and despite Mizrahi’s urgings, audience members showed no signs of leaving. For those of you who haven’t seen it (for shame), Unzipped follows a Mizrahi collection from conception to catwalk, with cameos by the Trinity (Linda, Christy, and Naomi), Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Polly Mellen, and, of course,’s own Candy Pratts Price, among others. How did Mizrahi wrangle so much star power? “These girls were my friends. They were not like models to me,” he said of the glamazons who stomped down the runway for his show. “I got to know them at Calvin [Klein] and they were nobodies then, and then suddenly they were somebodies.” We’ll say. And when did they make the switch? “I remember this one moment on the runway where Linda and Christy sort of made out for a second,” he recalled. “I didn’t plan that. They kissed each other in this kind of lesbian way, and this was pre-lesbian.” Oh, how times have changed.
—Alison Baenen