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Rock ‘n’ Roll Animals
Lou Reed and Persol Incognito Take Over the Whitney

Photo: David X. Prutting / Patrick McMullan

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A double billing of classics—iconic specs and Lou Reed—drew a crowd to the Whitney’s Sculpture Court last night for the kickoff of the Persol Incognito Design Exhibition. Guests from Charlotte Ronson to Matt Dillon swarmed in to check out the goods, and, more to the point, snag a goody bag. “They just gave me another pair,” Lucy Liu said of her shades. “Which is awesome.”

Liev Schreiber, for his part, seemed more interested in taking in the performance by the legendary Velvet Underground frontman. After watching the first song, “Dirty Blvd.,” from the floor, the actor stepped out of his shoes and on to the couch in the VIP corner for a better view. Reed’s experimental, introspective set had to compete with a constant hubbub from the crowd. “Shhh!” a publicist admonished in a stage whisper. “This is a performance!” Schreiber was franker. “I wish people would shut the hell up,” he said, exiting mid-gig. He quickly softened, though, to add his thoughts on Reed: “He’s amazing.”

— Alison Baenen