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Designer update
A Rare Glimpse of Undercover’s Jun Takahashi

Photo: Yoshie Tominaga

If he stayed true to his usual routine, Undercover designer Jun Takahashi kept out of the way of any flashbulbs at his label’s presentation today in Paris, which is what makes the Shepherd, an art-slash-history book we’ve been admiring for the past few days, so special. A visual documentary of behind-the-scenes footage of Takahashi and his design team, the Shepherd is photographer Yoshie Tominaga’s four-year look into a world of late-night tailoring sessions and endless cigarettes—plus pages and pages of intricately detailed clothes draped on mannequins, shot on the catwalk, or seen in states of half completion. The best images, however—including the catalogue of hand-written notes from longtime soundtrack provider Patti Smith—are the rare shots of Takahashi; bent over a garment or in a moment of reflection, they offer rare glimpses of a reclusive designer. the Shepherd, published by Undercover in a limited edition of 3,000 copies, comes out tomorrow.
—Alison Baenen