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Smells Like A Man

Had there been any tension at last night’s party for DKNY Men’s new fragrance, you could have cut it with a cheekbone. Luckily, the mood was cool and the male models in abundance were free to just be. The surplus of superior bone structure in the Hotel on Rivington’s penthouse was due to the presence of modeling legend Mark Vanderloo, who at 40 just signed on as the face of DKNY’s cologne campaign. “He’s a timeless, ageless model,” one tall, skinny boy gushed in a particularly pretty section of the room. “Mark’s amazing.” Moved by such praise, we sought out Vanderloo and asked him the obvious question: How do you sell a scent? “With feeling,” he responded gravely. This particular scent had guests sniffing Vanderloo all night, and, while admitting to not being much of a nose, Vanderloo declared the fragrance “very close” to something he would create for himself. “It’s like Donna [Karan] was personally involved in creating it, and she smelled it and said, ‘Ooh, that would smell good on Mark.’ ” According to the evening’s hostess, newly minted New York Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the cologne “smelled like a man.” When pressed to clarify she added, “It’s woodsy; it makes me want to lean in and get to know you better.” Male models, that’s your cue.
—Alison Baenen