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Adidas’ Ware(House) Party

Photo: Billy Farrell /

For its 60th birthday, Adidas kept things simple: a couple kegs of beer, a few boxes of pizza, and a ginormous warehouse space converted into a prototypical suburban home. To some, the Williamsburg “house party” may have felt like the exburbs, but judging by the plaid, Converse, and ironic mustache index, most partygoers hadn’t traveled far. You could find them in the kitchen, sharing mini Chinese takeout containers of mac and cheese, or in the rec room, ashing their cigarettes on the carpet. Le Call showed up with a “bunch of degenerates,” as she called her friends. Moved by the decor, the degenerates shared stories of their high school days. “Can you put my name on his memory?” Call asked, after a friend recounted a night involving beer, a minivan, and Ecstasy. “I’m so boring!” Yeah right, Le. The night ended with a set by the Phenomenal Handclap Band, during which Adrian Grenier air-drummed in the front row (he’s in his own band, he reminded us after the performance). The cops never showed up—which could be counted as a success or a failure, depending how you look at it.

—Alison Baenen