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House of Waris Spends Night At Plaza

Photo: Courtesy House of Waris

Wes Anderson couldn’t make it, but the charming mise-en-scènes Waris Ahluwalia created to show off his new jewelry collection Wednesday night had his director friend’s upper-crust quirk all over them. The vignettes were staged in a two-story suite at the Plaza (with a terrace, obviously) and, if you didn’t already, they kind of made you wish you were spending the night. There were models in the parlor playing chess, models in the bathtub (splashing and playing like little girls), and models in the bedroom playing cards. Throw in a tub full of vodka bottles, and, hey, who needs a jewelry collection? Still, the avian-inspired gems for the House of Waris garnered their own share of attention, decorating the rooms like mini artworks. The intimate group of guests varied from the expected (Arden Wohl, Hope Atherton) to the less expected (Malcolm Gladwell) to the head-turning, represented by Anthony Edwards. (”Why is Goose here?” one guest asked.) The collection was inspired by another hotel, this time in Paris, where Ahluwalia was taken by a bird motif in the tiles of his bathroom. The hand-enameled pendants and earrings are individually named—Raphael, Virgil, Spero, etc.—and the collection goes by the classical moniker Omnia Vincit Amor, or Love Conquers All. Another partygoer not normally in these parts was the designer’s mom. Easily the chicest woman in the suite in a slim, saffron-hued sari, she proudly displayed her own House of Waris pieces. “Of course I think they are great,” she said, and showed off her ears, beaming.

—Alison Baenen