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Reebok Pops Up On The Bowery (Where Else?)

Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

Sidestep the crowd outside. Pass the bouncer and the PR girl gauntlet. Ascend the dark stairs, turn at the dirty orange traffic cones, and proceed to the second PR girl gauntlet. Check your coat. Descend a set of neon stairs, and you’re there: Reebok Flash. Presumably, Reebok’s first-ever pop-up store doesn’t usually require quite as much effort to access, but opening-night-party measures were in full effect Wednesday evening. Inside, staff from La Esquina assembled rapid-fire mini quesadillas and tostadas while guests tried not to trip over the angular, low-to-the-ground display tables boasting Reeboks in shades from chartreuse to khaki. The vibe was decidedly eighties (when was the last time you inflated your Pumps?), which meant different things to different people. For Christian Stegmaier, Reebok’s head of lifestyle product marketing, the decade called to mind “Freestyle, fitness, and aerobics.” Freestyle, as in rap? No, no, as in Reebok’s first women’s athletic shoe, circa 1982, of course. For a different perspective on the decade, we checked in with Taylor Momsen: What was the Gossip Girl doing in the eighties? “Um, not born,” the high school-age star said with a cute Jenny Humphrey shrug and grin. Ah, youth. Rent a few Jane Fonda workout tapes and check back with us in the morning.

—Alison Baenen