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Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

The goal of the evening was seduction. And comfort. Seductive comfort. Sounds tricky. Turns out it is, but two years of research, consultations with lace experts in France, special fitting trips to Hong Kong, and a mandate for no more scratchy bra closures have put the underwear experts at Calvin Klein very close to righting that wrong. The result of all that boob scrutiny is the brand’s Seductive Comfort collection. And, just in case the ad campaign, shot by Steven Meisel and featuring a dewy Eva Mendes, hadn’t caught our eye, the bra brigade at Calvin wanted to make sure we had all the facts about its new duds. Which is how I ended up topless in front of a woman I’d just met on Monday night. My new friend, Denise, is a full-time bra fitter, and besides the fact that her measurements knocked me down a cup size (I thought seventh grade was over—sadly not), I felt pretty good about our consultation. After all, there was a free bra in my future, A-cup and all. The collection’s three styles—T-shirt, Underwire, and Customized Lift—all retail for $44, which, considering all the jargon that went into explaining them (spacer cushioning, air lifts, graded straps), seems like a good deal. And I’m not just saying this because a matching hipster brief would be nice to have, too. For more information and to see the styles, see
—Alison Baenen