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Shopping alert
Good Cause, Nice Prices. Aces.

Photo: Shaun Mader/

Tennis lovers suffering from Nadal withdrawal can always get their fix at a Lacoste store (the unruly-haired one may not actually be there, but the place just reeks of clay courts and match points), and shopping there this month comes with a Good Samaritan bonus. At a party at the Fifth Avenue boutique last night hosted by Vogue, Lacoste showed off its PINK line, available now in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Polos, belts, and bags are priced for the times (read: $100 and under), and since 10 percent of the proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, these purchases can probably by counted as charitable write-offs come tax time (NB: no accountants were consulted in writing this blog post). Hey, it’s worth a (drop) shot. Zing!
—Alison Baenen