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Calvin’s New Face?

Photo: Billy Farrell /

Calvin Klein’s streamlined shifts and lean blazers weren’t the star attractions at last night’s annual in-boutique cocktail party for Safe Horizon, an awareness-raising organization for victims of abuse and violence. Mario López was. “Everyone’s lining up for him!” Kathryn Neale Shaffer, herself in the queue, laughed. “We didn’t have ‘Saved by the Bell’ in England; I just love him from ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ ” López, out on the eve of his Broadway debut in “A Chorus Line,” had been dressed for the night by Calvin Klein, natch, and seemed content to have left all trappings of his former life behind him. “The Cavariccis…the silk and rayon shirts…the intricate folding over of the jeans…” he reminisced, listing his favorite worst early-nineties fashion moments. “I used to think it was cool then. Hopefully they don’t come back.” López’s costumes in “Dancing With the Stars” notwithstanding, maybe the former TV jock has turned over a sartorial leaf. “I love Calvin,” he said earnestly. “Those suits are pretty timeless.” Take note, Francisco—Kate Bosworth’s contract must be up soon.
—Alison Baenen