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Designer update
Double Trouble

Photo: Jason Kempin/

“We’re bringing the sexy right here in the middle of the street,” Shawn (or was it Shane?) declared at last night’s store-warming party for his and his twin brother’s recently opened Mulberry Street boutique. The identical twins, shoe designers Shawn and Shane Ward, have plenty of competition in the neighborhood, but do any of their retail neighbors have patented Luxury Liners © padding the soles of their stilettos? We think not. The brothers’ sneaker background plus high-heel aspirations have resulted in vampy four-inchers so comfortable that one of the store’s male employees likes to work the floor in them. What about the designers? “I’ve squeezed my feet into some 11s,” Shane admitted. “But I don’t wear them around; I’ve just done it behind closed doors. My own little focus group.” A focus on comfort aside, the brothers had another thing in mind when designing the women’s line. “When you look at a pair of shoes that are incredibly sexy, you can only imagine a woman in them with nothing else on,” Shane said dreamily. “The connotation is always there.” Hostess Bijou Phillips had the shoes on (and a full 3.1 Phillip Lim outfit—sorry, Shane), but seemed content to be far from the designing side of things. “I have a stylist,” she leveled. “When I cannot have a stylist, I’ll think about designing things. I’m still, like, totally two left feet when it comes to fashion. I am in the worst-dressed list this week in Star magazine, so yeah, I’m not, like, amazing at it.” Two left feet perhaps, but at least, two, like, comfortable left feet.
—Alison Baenen