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Photo: Courtesy of Finsk

Shoe designer Julia Lundsten, who was born into a family of architects, calls her creations “furniture for the feet.” While that sounds a bit clunky, like walking around with a end table attached to your foot, Lundsten’s shoes are anything but—just ask Manolo Blahnik, who called them “exquisite, divine, and perfect.” He’s not all talk either: The shoe master bestowed his eponymous award on the young Finn two years running, in 2002 and 2003. Since then, Lundsten has collaborated with New York designer Mary Ping, creating footwear for her Fall ‘06 runway show, and snatched up Design Forum Finland’s Young Designer of the Year prize in 2007. Lundsten’s London-based line runs roughly from £195 to £250 (about $380 to $490), but her lower-priced collection for Faith Shoes, with prices running between £60 and £120 ($118 and $235), will be available next month. See for styles, and check for the Faith Solo line this spring.
—Alison Baenen