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Miller Time
A Pair of Factory Girl Screenings Keep Sienna and Her Fellow Superstars Busy

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

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With the Factory Girl cast in town to promote the movie’s wide release, fashion week got off to an early start Monday night. “I feel a little self-conscious in this outfit, but I figured I’d channel Edie one last time,” said Sienna Miller, who between the Ziegfeld premiere and the Star Lounge after-party had changed from a white vintage frock into black tights and briefs with a matching sweater. “I’ve got mohair in my nose,” she confided before dashing off to chat with guests like Donna Karan and Vogue’s Anna Wintour and pose for pictures with her co-stars Guy Pearce and Jack Huston. As Patrick McMullan, a latter-day Factory Boy himself, snapped away, he offered his take on the film: “It was good, but I thought they were hard on Andy.”

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

The festivities continued Tuesday, when Jacquetta Wheeler, Julia Stegner, and Gemma Ward, among others, turned out for Andrew Saffir’s Cinema Society reprise of the film at the Tribeca Grand. Shouldn’t the catwalk crew have been getting their beauty sleep? Not Gemma. “I’m flying to Australia tomorrow to finish a movie I’m working on,” said the model-turned-starlet. “It’s called The Black Balloon, with Toni Collette.” No word on whether she took notes on Sienna’s performance, but we’re looking forward to Ward’s star turn.

Following the screening, it was on to the Gramercy Park Hotel, where Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa rubbed shoulders with Steve Buscemi, Moby, Dominick Dunne, and Sharon Stone. Informed that most of the ladies were clad in his designs, he asked, “Does everyone look good?” In fact, as Ms. Sedgwick would have said, the crowd looked “devastatingly handsome.”
— Sarah Cristobal and Alison Baenen