style file, de beers’ lucky diamonds

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Buy Some Diamonds, Change Your Luck

Photo: Courtesy of De Beers

Call it a twofer. De Beers’ new Amulet collection promises good providence and bountiful bling, which, considering the state of the economy, isn’t a package upon which to turn your nose up. Featuring rings and pendants fashioned to look like tribal masks (which tribe is unclear, but no matter), each piece embodies a different spirit (well, not actually, we think) and assurances of personal betterment. In need of balance and harmony? Skip yoga and slip on the N’gala, or “Spirit of the Night Sky” ring, which is wrought in diamonds and white gold and goes for $4,000. Spirits of other ilk are available as well. Prices range from $700 to $25,000; the collection will be in De Beers stores nationwide next month.
—Alison Baenen